Blockchains are built on the
“Power of We”

Established since 2006, SOMISH is a technology and product development company with expertise in building automation systems using cutting edge technologies. For over 10 years, we have continuously served top line customers with our ability to re-engineer, design, develop and implement automation systems.


We have our roots in the idea of “Management through Technology”, a phrase coined by our Founding Managing Director, Mr. Shiv Goel in 2006. Since then, we’ve built software products for Smart City initiatives, state governments, ministries, NBFCs, corporate organizations and startups in a wide array of industries like Banking, Government, Insurance, Retail, Manufacturing and Aviation amongst others.

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Our team has a clear understanding of key tenets behind Blockchain Technology, having worked on a wide variety of blockchain use-cases like:

  • P2P Insurance
  • Aviation Maintenance Log
  • Subsidy Distribution
  • Crisis Fund Distribution
  • Bill Discounting
  • Tokenized Fund Transfer
  • And others..

We have hands-on experience in building a Private, Permissioned or Public Blockchain MVP using underlying frameworks like Ethereum and HyperLedger Fabric amongst others.


Shiv Goel

Bachelor of Commerce (H) with 40+ years of experience. 30+ years of experience in Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Finance & MIS. 10+ years of experience in Design & Development of IT automation solutions.

Surbhi Goel

M. Phil & MBA (Finance) with 12+ years of experience. Worked at World Bank on Financial Inclusion. Ex-Professor at SRCC, India’s leading commerce institute. Core expertise in Finance and Banking.

Ish Goel

B. Tech (Computer Sciences) with 10+ years of experience across BFSI, Government and Retail. Core expertise in Technology & Marketing. Blockchain Speaker, Trainer and Architect.

Nitika Goel
CTO & Executive Director

B. Tech (Computer Sciences) with 5+ years of experience in enterprise grade solutions. Worked at SAP Labs on Sobeys, RFI (Railways), Calzedonia & others. Blockchain Developer, Trainer and Architect.

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OUR VALUE : Validated Ideas, Winning Products, Global Outreach

Our team won the London Blockchain Week Hackathon 2017 for showcasing our product “GovBlocks” that aims to resolve Domestic Remittances, Financial Inclusion and Citizen Services in developing countries of the world. GovBlocks has been built as a generic platform that works with underlying blockchain technology platforms like Ethereum and Hyperledger amongst others.

For over 10 years, we have worked on the following prestigious projects, apart from blockchain:

  • Citizen Centric Services Automation
  • Modern Accrual Based Double Entry Accounting
  • Municipal Solid Waste Management
  • FiloRetail: Online Retail Platform
  • Loan Accounting Automation
  • Manufacturing: Production, Planning & Control
  • And others..