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Hire an award winning team for centralized, decentralized, hybrid cryptocurrency exchange software development. Get Admin-to-Peer or Peer-to-Peer Exchange developed sd centralized exchanges (CEX) or smart contract driven decentralized exchanges (DEX).


Centralized Exchanges – Traditional cryptocurrency exchanges run by companies that offer fiat-to-crypto or crypto-to-crypto trading pairs. Think of Binance, Coinbase.


Decentralized Exchanges – Smart contract based cryptocurrency exchanges that offer crypto-to-crypto trading pairs. Think of Uniswap, 0x Protocol, Kyber


Hybrid Exchanges – A mix of CEX & DEX, hybrid exchanges offer fiat-to-crypto and crypto-to-crypto trading pairs, while allow traders to maintain their own private keys.

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5 questions to identify type of Cryptocurrency Exchange you should get developed

If you’re planning to get an exchange developed, consider answering the following questions before choosing the type of cryptocurrency exchange you’d like to invest in.

  1. Do your target customers understand the cryptocurrency space, or do they just understand fiat?
  2. How important is liquidity / order settlement / transaction speed for your customer base?
  3. Are you in crypto-friendly jurisdictions?
  4. How will the governance of the exchange work? Do you plan to involve a community for decision making?
  5. Do you wish to provide fiat to crypto and vice-versa conversions?

Cryptocurrency Exchange Security Features

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Anti-Denial of Service (DoS)

Protecting the exchange against large traffic diversion to the server.

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Two-factor authentication

It ensures the authenticated access to a user account on a cryptocurrency exchange.

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Data Encryption

Encryption of information transmission ensures accreditations and other data.

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Escrow System

A smart contract enabled escrow framework empowers the protected trade of digital assets among the purchaser. and seller.

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Server-Side Request Forgery(SSRF) Protection

Preventing the attacks sent from vulnerable web applications to the internal systems.

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Anti- Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS)

Protecting/mitigating the exchange against overwhelming traffic originating from multiple sources.

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SSL Integration

For any cryptocurrency exchange software, secrecy and security are the primary concerns. Running your entire website over encoded SSL is paramount.

Unique Features of Our Cryptocurrency Exchange

Leverage or Margin Trading

 Margin Trading empowers the retail traders and institutional investors to invest especially in a particular cryptocurrency. 

Margin Trading can provide increase in profit to retail/institutional investors, as they organize their interests in explicit digital currencies.

  • AutoLeveraging
  • Advanced order types
  • Risk management
  • Pro trading interface
  • Robust Admin panel
  • Multi-layer security

Derivatives Trading

Future contracts are an understanding between the buyer and seller to purchase or sell digital assets in not too distant future at a fixed cost. Futures are leveraged by brokers to support different speculations or lock-in benefits when exchanging unstable crypto marketing. 

Leverage your crypto exchange with future agreements to let your clients guess the available position and lower the risk.

  • Long-Short contracts
  • Risk management
  • Position holding
  • Low latency
  • High liquidity
  • Accelerated time-to-market

3 Most Important Features of Any Cryptocurrency Exchange


Order Books

Trade requests placed by users


Order Matching

Trade matching algorithm for the orders placed


Order Settlement

Settlement algorithm (buy/sell) for the orders matched

Features of a Centralized Cryptocurrency Exchange

Off-chain Order Books, Off-chain Order Matching & Off-chain Settlement


User Registration with 2FA




User Wallet Management


Deposit Fiat & Crypto


Withdraw Fiat & Crypto


Trading Engine (Buy / Sell)




Support Ticket Management


Commission Management


User Management


Trade Limit Management


Withdraw Requests


Roles & Permissions

hot &cold wallet

Hot & Cold Wallet

Features of a Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange

On-chain Order Books, On-chain Order Matching & On-chain Settlement


Deploy Exchange Smart Contracts


Add Liquidity by depositing tokens / crypto


Remove Liquidity by withdrawing tokens / crypto

crypto exchange

Swap Tokens


Send Tokens


Matching Trade Engine


Multi-Sig Wallet for Governance

governance protocol

On-Chain Governance Protocol

Features of a Hybrid Cryptocurrency Exchange

Off-chain Order Books, Off-chain Order Matching, On-chain Settlement

Hybrid Cryptocurrency exchanges ensure that the settlement of the trade is done using smart contracts on the blockchain, however the order book and the matching algorithm is maintained off-chain.


Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Services

Our experienced coders offer comprehensive crypto exchange development services for decentralized, centralized, or hybrid exchanges with center functionalities enabling consistent, secure, instant and effective exchanges.


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Spot Trading Function

Permit traders to open and close orders in a moment. We can merge a strong Spot Trading Function into the exchanging engine that can assist a lot of requests with no glitches whatsoever.
Our developers pay equivalent attention to security while building the platform which results in protecting the user from any external threat.

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Over The Counter

Build a decentralized platform, where buyers and sellers can interact and settle exchange at the instant. We offer white-labelled OTC solutions that guarantee a protected and consistent experience where customers can buy or sell crypto resources without any issues.


Leverage/ Margin Trading

This rising feature is a hit among traders. Gain consistent commissions by lending funds to traders, empowering them to multiply their market trades, and increase their benefits.

crypto exchange

Fiat-To-Crypto Trading

Enable clients to explore the power of their crypto assets by launching a fiat-to-crypto exchanging stage. Keeping the simplicity of liquidity, your clients will appreciate the experience while converting over ordinary fiat currency to crypto and vice-versa.


Marketing solutions

Engage with your customers for better utilization of our inventive advertising instruments that permit you to take your exchange to the next level.

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Two Time Blockchain Hackathon Winners

Winners of London Blockchain Week Hackathon 2017, followed by the Grand Blockchain Challenge, India in 2018


Delivered 21+ Blockchain Projects

In BFSI, Decentralized Finance (DeFi), Supply Chain, Aviation & Government since 2017


In-house Blockchain team

Experienced in-house team of blockchain solution architects, native blockchain developers & functional consultants


12+ Years Of Experience In Software Projects

Unmatched delivery experience for global software projects in governments, enterprise & startups since 2006.


Active Open Source Contributions

Inherent love for open-source and collaboration. See our GitHub profile at github.com/somish


Blockchain Contributors

Our team led by Nitika Goel, has authored the EIP1132 standard which implements an escrow mechanism.

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How long does it take to build a crypto exchange application?

The time taken to build a crypto exchange application depends on various factors like cost factor, selection of technology and market viability. 

What are the important features of crypto exchange?

Some of the important features of crypto exchange include

  1. KYC/AML authentication 
  2. API integration 
  3. Two-Factor Authentication 
  4. Liquidity 
  5. Leverage Trading

How much does it cost to build white label crypto exchange software?

The cost to build white label crypto exchange software varies on a case-to-case basis. It depends on the complexity, time taken, labour and resources involved in the project.

Is KYC/AML necessary for every crypto exchange?

KYC/AML is not necessary for every crypto exchange. However, KYC is required for exchanges to be compliant with the Government in some jurisdiction and to prevent fraudulent activities.

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