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Hiring a reputable external Ethereum audit company is paramount when it comes to ensuring that the Smart contracts work as intended. Ethereum developers & contributors, no matter how genius they are, lack an eye for scepticism while developing or testing the Smart contract. This results in bugs escaping their radar and causing irrecoverable loss.

A recent example highlights the importance of auditing in ethereum smart contracts:

A major bug filed under the name “Ethereum account balance manipulation” allowed the transfer of unlimited Ethers to coinbase wallet, if a certain number of steps were followed and ended with a faulty address.

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Need for External Ethereum Smart Contract Auditor

Smart contracts are the fuel of the Ethereum Ecosystem. Everything on the Ethereum ecosystem is initiated through smart contracts. Written on Solidity, Ethereum Smart contracts are self-executing with specific instructions embedded in code which get triggered when certain conditions are met.

Any discussion regarding the importance of auditing Ethereum Smart contracts will not be complete without the mention of DAO hack that resulted in the loss of $750 million as on July’19.

The current state of the auditing sector suffers through the supply and demand problem. The supply of knowledgeable developers who can find vulnerabilities in the code is low and the demand for proper auditors is high. This results in prices going through the roof and yet the desirable results not being delivered.

Our team of experts provide you with the platform to conduct Ethereum audits at very affordable prices and still work with the Industry leaders. Reach out to us today for a 30-min free consultation for ethereum smart contract audits.

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3 Common Ethereum Token Standards

ERC-20: Ethereum’s technical standard for fund raising tokens implemented on its blockchain.

ERC-721: Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for digitizing unique assets using smart contracts.

ERC-777: Dubbed the Lucky Contract, the ERC-777 token contract is an extension of the ERC-20 token.

Ethereum Smart contract audit process @ Somish


Requirements gathering

The most important step in the process of the Ethereum Smart contract audit. In this step, we try to understand the intended behaviour of the smart contract through white papers or business requirement documents that the developers have referenced while developing

Automated Testing

In this step, we make sure there are no syntactical or run-time errors and also ensure that the unit test cases are put to use. A proper coverage report of the unit test cases is also prepared

Manual review

Our unbiased Ethereum auditors conduct a manual review of the smart contracts and identify critical major and minor bugs along with the recommendations

Preparing Initial Audit report

Generally, a pdf document is prepared to highlight the critical bugs along with recommendations on solving them, followed by major and minor bugs. We also provide recommendations regarding the optimization of code

Refactoring the code

Depending on the complexity of the Ethereum smart contract, developers are provided with a timeline to refactor the code basis on the suggestions in the Initial Audit report

Final Audit report

Once the code is refactored, the Initial Audit report is edited and the refactored code is used to prepare the final audit report along with our stamp of approval

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