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We are an award-winning Smart Contract Development company working on smart contract development on Ethereum, Hyperledger, EOS & Tron.

Did you know that more than $450mil worth of assets have been invested (and locked) on decentralized finance smart contracts running on Ethereum as on 3rd September 2019?

Smart Contracts are a reality. If you’ve ever wondered how true peer-to-peer transactions could take place, now is the time to witness how life could be without any intermediary. Smart Contracts are capable of taking contractual governance to the next level and empower true intermediary-less trading environments.

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Smart Contract Development

Are Smart Contracts any better than digital contracts?

Smart Contract are similar to their predecessors in that they ratify a set of stipulations of a legal contract between multiple people or entities. However, that is where the similarities end. Smart Contracts are:

  1. Encoded on the underlying Blockchain (like Ethereum, Hyperledger), making them far more sophisticated than any other type of “digital” contract. 2) Not affected by the subjective thoughts of humans
  2. Self-executing programs that use “intelligence” or automated code to implement conditions once programmed events “trigger” various parts or all of the terms and conditions
  3. Not dependent on external forces for code execution. Which means if terms of a smart contract are satisfied, each phase of the contract will be executed whether or not anyone agrees
  4. Resilient to changes (immutable) as multiple digital copies are stored across the underlying infrastructure (or network)
  5. Cost efficient as business trade between the parties happens without a third-party intermediary
  6. Free from manual errors of code execution
  7. Transparent and allow visibility of each transaction to everyone
  8. Resilient to chances of forgery due to the immutable nature of the underlying infrastructure

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9 Most Successful Use Cases for Smart Contract Development

Crowd Fund Raising (commonly known as Initial Coin Offerings, ICOs)

Smart Contract standards like ERC20, ERC777 are increasingly being used on Ethereum Blockchain to launch a crowd funding campaign

Decentralized Finance

Investments, Lending and Borrowing has been disrupted globally with smart contracts with over $450mil already being invested (Sep 2019)

Real Estate

Fractional ownership of real-estate is now feasible, with governments & enterprises embracing smart contracts for real estate & land record management

Financial Inclusion

Using smart contracts, emerging governments are trying to leapfrog the implementation of financial inclusion in their countries. Citizens no longer need bank accounts.

Supply Chain Track & Trace

Smart Contracts combined with advanced data acquisition tools are redefining traceability for farm-to-fork, warehouse-to-retail and such other supply chains globally

Transportation and Logistics

Freight bill auditing, information exchange between vendors & customers, access to finance is increasingly being managed with smart contracts

Digital Rights Management (Music, Media)

For the first time in history of technology, privacy control & rights can be enforced easily on digital media like Music, Pictures using smart contracts

Certificate Issuance

Immutable timestamping of a document to prove that it was issued at a specific time by an issuer is now feasible using smart contracts

The Leveraged Loan Market

Smart Contracts allow for affordable leveraged loans for businesses already exposed in the banking sector

3 Common Ethereum Token Standards for Smart Contract Development

ERC-20: Ethereum’s technical standard for fund raising tokens implemented on its blockchain.

ERC-721: Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for digitizing unique assets using smart contracts.

ERC-777: Dubbed the Lucky Contract, the ERC-777 token contract is an extension of the ERC-20 token.

Smart Contract Development for Hyperledger, TRON & EOS

Hyperledger (and it's variations)

Hyperledger uses the term Smart Contracts & Chaincode interchangeably. A smart contract is defined within a chaincode. Multiple smart contracts can be defined within the same chaincode. When a chaincode is deployed, all smart contracts within it are made available to applications.


This Turing-complete (or computationally universal) machine is similar to Ethereum. TRON is a fork of Ethereum so smart contract development remains largely similar to Ethereum

EOS Smart Contracts

EOS smart contract development is done using C++. There are generally two files associated with each smart contract - hpp and cpp.

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