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Hire an award-winning team of Blockchain developers for your cryptocurrency wallet development project. We have developed and deployed 21+ wallet development projects for Bitcoin, Ethereum, ERC20 and other alternative coins in various sectors like agriculture, retail, BFSI, government etc.

A cryptocurrency wallet is a safe and secure digital wallet that is used to send, recieve and store digital currencies. Here are some reasons why you should create your own cryptocurrency wallet:-


Peer-to-peer basis


Immune to Inflation


Low Transaction fees


User-centered and owned 

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Wallet development projects for cryptocurrency exchanges

A cryptocurrency wallet is a software program that enables transactions across various blockchains by storing private and public keys. With the meteoric rise in the use of cryptocurrencies, it becomes critical to monitor and secure the cryptocurrency wallets and the exchanges taking place.

Fun Fact: FBI owns the biggest Bitcoin wallet with an estimated present value of over $120 million.

Our team of skilled and experienced cryptocurrency wallet developers provide superlative services for building safe, secure and reliable wallets and processing the virtual exchanges. Our major focus is on assisting you on every asset of wallet development to help you stay forward in the cryptocurrency world.

There will be a day when the world will embrace and celebrate fully moving on towards the crypto world. We want to celebrate that day with you. Get in touch with our team today and let the juggernaut roll!

Security Features Of Cryptocurrency Wallet

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Two-Factor Authentication

A two-factor authentication protocol for a greater level of security for wallet clients.

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The safe login PIN guarantees authenticated access to a user account.

logout (1)

Session Logout

Self-regulating logout session in an event of client staying inactive for a specific time period. This upgrades the security of clients' records and assets.

finger print

Finger Print Recognition

To improve the security of the crypto wallet, we have implemented biometric technology like a unique fingerprint which empowers confirmation for clients attempting to get to their wallets.


Multi-Signature Support

Multi-signature support provides an additional layer of security during the withdrawal of digital assets. With this feature, the owner can allot two co-signers the authority to approve the withdrawal request when the amount surpasses the limit set by the owner.

Why engage us for Crypto Wallet Development?


Two Time Blockchain Hackathon Winners

Winners of London Blockchain Week Hackathon 2017, followed by the Grand Blockchain Challenge, India in 2018


Delivered 21+ Blockchain Projects

In BFSI, Decentralized Finance (DeFi), Supply Chain, Aviation & Government since 2017


In-house Blockchain team

Experienced in-house team of blockchain solution architects, native blockchain developers & functional consultants


12+ Years Of Experience In Software Projects

Unmatched delivery experience for global software projects in governments, enterprise & startups since 2006.


Active Open Source Contributions

Inherent love for open-source and collaboration. See our GitHub profile at github.com/somish


Blockchain Contributors

Our team led by Nitika Goel, has authored the EIP1132 standard which implements an escrow mechanism.

Crypto Wallet Development Services @ Somish


Market analysis and research

We provide in-depth market analysis and research to fully corroborate your idea into a reality. A close examination of your business needs and market trends are conducted and extensive report on the process involved in development is prepared


Designing the Blueprint

Designing the outline, functioning, front-end and a compelling interface to make your project stand out among your peers. A dedicated team ensures flawless design ensuring customers have no difficulty in navigating or trading on your platform



Building on to the design. Our skilled and experienced team of blockchain developers design a secure Cryptocurrency Exchange for your business needs. The wallet to be developed is chalked out after careful analysis. We have generous experience in designing a variety of wallets like Atomic, bread, mycelium, exodus, copay, Jaxx, armory among others



One of the most important tasks that some of the wallet development companies miss out on is Quality assurance. Our team runs umpteen number of test-cases and ensures unparalleled quality before deploying as we understand that a single bug can result in a huge amount of monetary and reputational loss



We provide support in every phase of cryptocurrency development. Our team of investment-hardened experts also provide best-in the market investment advice based on cost per coin

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Multi Cryptocurrency and Muti-Token Support

Supports numerous cryptocurrency and tokens like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin etc. Facilitating the coordination of a rundown of altcoins and tokens dependent on your business necessities



Wallet is compatible with all major platforms like Android, iOS, Windows and also supports all desktop platforms.


BackUp facility

To protect the cryptocurrencies and tokens against the failure and theft


Easy To User Interface

Provide users with a flawless UI and a user-friendly UI/UX design.


QR Code Scanner Support

Quick Response Scanner technology aids the way for faster transactions by scanning the Wallet address and thereby simplifying the exchange of digital currencies in a single tap.


Auto Denial of Duplicate Payments

The Wallet is furnished with auto swapping of copy instalments highlight to keep away from chargebacks in duplicate instalments.

nfc (1)

Near Field Communication (NFC) Support

NFC innovation makes the exchange from the wallet simpler and quicker by a "single-click"' on the NFC tag of the wallet. It programmatically gets the sender's and buyer wallet address and proceeds with the exchanges.


Push Notifications

Push Notification facility to get cautions on exchanges and inform when the value/price of digital forms of money changes.


Instant Swap

Instant swap mechanism empowers wallet users to quickly and effectively exchange one cryptocurrency for another, with no limit and without the need to utilize any fiat currency as intermediate

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How much does it cost to build a crypto wallet?

The cost of crypto wallet development relies upon the features that you need to integrate into your wallet. However, building a white-label wallet requires less development cost and time compared to building up a custom wallet from scratch.

Can I store multiple cryptocurrencies in a wallet?

Yes storing multiple cryptocurrencies is possible. However, the wallet should support the cryptocurrencies that you need to store in it. For instance, in the event that you need to store Bitcoin,Ethereum and ERC20 tokens in a multi-currency wallet, that wallet should be built to support these.

What is the difference between a hot wallet and cold wallet?

A hot wallet is the one that is connected with the web and its private keys are put away online. On the contrary, a cold wallet isn’t associated with the internet and its private key is stored offline.

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