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Year in Review – 2019

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Somish warriors

Time for a year in review! As I reflect on what we’ve accomplished together in 2019, I’m in awe of the awesome customers that we worked with, the wonderful people that we added to our team, and the tight-knit services & products that we launched. 

With a focus on diversification, 2019 has been the best year of this decade for us. All these happy faces in this picture have been the backbone of the year that went through 🙂 

Before I jump onto how we spent the year, here’s a fun contest!  3 faces have been photoshopped into our team picture – that’s because these guys ditched us for the group pic! I challenge you to spot the 3 culprits! Share your answers in the comments section and we’ll get a cool gift hamper delivered to you! 😀 


Somish warriors

Some of our watershed moments in 2019:

Product Wins

The year 2019 was big with our product launches. After two years of toiling hard, here are some of our biggest achievements on the product side this year:

  • Launched of GovBlocks on the Ethereum main-net (govblocks.io
  • Launched Data Exchange Framework on Hyperledger Fabric for Enterprise (getdef.io
  • Launched Certy on the Ethereum main-net (certy.io)

Amazing Clientele 

A wise man once said, “A company is as happy as its clients”. Just kidding, I am passing off my own wisdom under the guise of a wise man! Here’s how we performed with our clients in 2019:

  • Added 23 new clients across New York, Toronto, London, Sydney, Switzerland, Gibraltar, Berlin, Israel, Alabama, Kolkata & Delhi
  • Forayed into Indian Government for implementing our blockchain product DEF
  • One of our clients, Nexus Mutual, launched on the Ethereum Mainnet and raised more than $2 mil and issued $1 mil worth of smart contract cover!

Organizational Boost

One thing led to another, things fell in place and we zoomed our way into some great watershed moments. Here are some important milestones we capped off this year:


    • Doubled our team size from 15 to 30 strong members
    • Onboarded the most amazing advisor, Mr. Jaspreet Bindra
    • Set up our renovated office at Delhi (pictures below)
    • Launched our new coveted service of Smart Contract Audit
    • Launched our new blog at https://www.somish.com/blog

2019 turned out to be an important checkpoint in our journey and I would like to thank everyone who came along and supported our vision. Our new year theme is going to be Consistency & Resilience. Super pumped for 2020! Here’s wishing everyone a very happy new year!

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