Textile Supply Chain

The Big Transparency Conundrum in 2019

Only 5 out of the leading global 200 fashion brands score more than 60 in the Fashion Transparency Index of 2019. Ever thought why?

Somish Blockchain Labs and CAIF have partnered to find the solution to this transparency conundrum. If you’re a fashion brand, retailer or a textile manufacturer, this is an opportunity to voice your concerns and then compare with industry standards.


Why are we doing this?

Our vision is to empower fashion brands, retailers and manufacturers in successful implementation of Sustainable Development Goals. Together, we implement technology-driven solutions that enable businesses to discover cost saving levers, ensure contractual conditions are met and stakeholder incentives aligned.

What do you get?

  • Access to the survey report with industry standards
  • The chance to implement a Blockchain based Proof of Concept (worth $1500 to $5000) in your supply chain

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