Over past 10 years, we have served top-line customers in industries like the Government, BFSI, Waste Management, Manufacturing, Retail & Agriculture amongst others. Our flagship projects have been discussed as under.



A solution for e-Governance in emerging markets of the world in compliance with world/country specific missions. Adjudged as the “Best Practices for e-Governance in India” by MoUD, the solution integrates modules like Resident Identification(UID), Utility Billing, Birth/Death Cert, Property Tax, Water Tax, Rent, Licenses, Citizen Applications, Building Plan Approval, ME Services, MIS and various others on a single platform.


An ERP solution built for Migration from Single Entry Accounting System to Modern Accrual Based Double Entry Accounting and automated Bank Reconciliation for businesses/governments in the emerging countries. Adjudged as “Best Solution for Accounting Conversions” by ICRA this product seamlessly enables transition from conventional account keeping to modern techniques.


MSW Management is a world pain point, majorly affecting the developing nations. As part of India’s “Clean India Mission”, this product provides ICT enabled automation in MSWM processes of Garbage Collection, Garbage Disposal, Landfill Controls, Billing, Advertisement & Awareness to public via Fleet Management, Bin Management and Contact Center.


Our flagship retail technology platform that helps retail/wholesale chains get online with customized mobile applications, web applications, back-office solutions integrated with logistics solutions. FiloRetail is a single-codebase solution that helps business customers in the retail industry enable e-Commerce sales channel on web & mobile – without separate code-base for each platform.


An end-to-end solution for Loan Accounting automation in public sector. The solution enables automated operations at National and State level sanctioning. Operations such as sanction of funds from Banks/World Organizations in various schemes (Term Loans, Micro-finance, Educational loan), disbursal of funds to States/Beneficiaries, generation of periodic demand notices with interest on utilized & unutilized funds, repayment from states/beneficiary etc. are automated in the solution. Credit Monitoring Arrangement (CMA Analysis) is inbuilt in the system for calculation working capital requirements for high value loans.


A flagship ERP solution for the manufacturing industry with key focus on automation in the PPC (Production, Planning & Control) activities for any shop floor. Inbuilt masters for codification of raw materials, machines, dies and tools, customers and suppliers. Process Automation to establish end-to-end traceability in times of rejections – starting from stock indent, purchase order generation, material receipt, first-off inspection, physical stock verification and sticker printing, machine loading/unloading, bar-code enabled packing slips, dispatch and billing.


An integrated solution for District Level e-Governance in India. It covers the 32 modules as envisaged in National e-Governance Policy for e-District projects. Modules such as Caste, Income, Domicile, Residence, Handicap, Birth/Death, Marriage, Khatauni, Pensions, Ration Cards, grievances etc are integrated on a single platform with our signature back office modules such as Accounts & Banking, Personnel, Inventory etc


A solution for the Rural Development programmes of states in emerging countries automating the processes of Schemes & Project Monitoring, Accounting & Banking, Beneficiary Monitoring, automatic flow of information for proposals, sanctions, disbursements, utilization and corresponding bank reconciliation.


An end-to-end solution for ICT reforms in Agriculture/Horticulture Sector. The solution automates directorates such as Agriculture, Horticulture, Soil Conservation at all levels i.e. State, District, Sub-Divisions, Blocks and Panchayats by covering modules such as Schemes & Project Monitoring, Beneficiary Monitoring, Camps Monitoring, Subsidy Disbursement and Reconciliation, Vendor Management, Laboratory Management coupled with strong back office modules such as Accounts & Banking, Personnel, Inventory, Audit and MIS.


A thorough solution for inducing reforms in Pension Departments of public sector organizations, this package enables integration between “Authorized banks for pension disbursal” and “Pension department of the organization” by automating procedures of pension calculations, changing DA% and life certificates, pension disbursal, creation of dues and ledgers of individual pensioner etc. It further enables e-storage of scanned pensioner documents such as life certificates. This solution, like all others, is also fully integrated with our “Accounts & Banking” solution and enables easy generation of reports like Bank Reconciliation Statements, Receipt & Payment A/c etc.


Our company has an exhaustive experience of over 50 years in the field of management through technology. We undertake projects for Business Process Re-engineering and conduct studies at the root level for understanding ground realities and thereby creating an end-to-end reengineered solution. Our in-house team of managers, data experts and developers are dedicated to thoroughly support changing customer requirements during implementation of reforms by using our state-of-the-art technical solutions developed in-house over the past many years.

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