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Somish Work from Home Policy

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Here’s our policy for working from home. The policy is flexible and must evolve based on your experience and employees reacting to the situation. 

Etiquette for work from home

Setting up your home workspace

Home & Office are generally two very different spaces, but we need to make it into one. Follow this checklist to design your home workspace for efficiency: 

Do’s Checklist


  • Get a Wifi connection if you don’t have 
  • Set upetup a Table & Chair for your laptop/desktop 
  • Setup good light, ideal with table lamp
  • Setup comfortable temperature, summers are coming
  • Keep your diary along with you, just like you keep in the office


Don’ts Checklist 

  • Do not work on phone internet connection. If you are disconnected from team calls due to a bad network, everyone will start getting irritated and instead of focusing on the work, you’ll be busy focusing on internet connectivity. 
  • Do not work on the bed, mattress, or in the kitchen. 
  • Do not work with just the screen lighting, you will spoil your eyes. 

Daily Checklist

Do’s Checklist 


  • Get ready in office wear just like you do in the normal routine
  • Greet by saying “Good Morning” on the #general channel when you are ready to work. Along with the greeting, send a picture of your workspace and help get a smile on everyone’s face 🙂  
  • Login to slack and remain online during office hours
  • Look at the assigned work in your ClubHouse (we use ClubHouse to manage internal tasks), or talk to your Manager if you’re free
  • Attend daily morning calls (via Slack) with your Managers through the group chat itself. 
  • Keep your ClubHouse up to date, make sure tasks do not end up getting stale. It will add to your confusion and misery when too much gets pilled up. 
  • Post a consolidated update at the beginning of the day in three sections:


      • My completed tasks of yesterday
      • Pending tasks/blockers from yesterday
      • My planned tasks for today


  • Prefer group slack chat instead of private messaging so that the team knows what is going on. Group chats for each department have been created (team-sales, team-engring, team-mkting, team-admin)
  • Update your Slack status to “Be right back” to indicate if you have stepped away from your desk
  • Logoff by saying “Good Bye” at the end of the day


Don’ts Checklist 

  • Do not work in your pyjamas or nightwear – you won’t be able to come in the office vibe plus you will be required to come on video calls with the team and we are not interested to see you in your nightwear 🙂 
  • Do not remain off-line, do not snooze your notifications on slack, unless you are in some deep work. If you are in deep work, update that in your status on slack clearly. 
  • Do not assign any work to anyone, apart from via Clubhouse. 
  • Do not log off without giving a written update
  • Do not engage in sending unsolicited, unclear messages on Slack. If someone asks for an update on a specific task, try to respond with the latest information on that task, instead of guessing/responding with half the information.

Why is the morning greeting important?

When we work from home, it can get quite boring because we don’t get to see people around us. To tackle this, engage in fun banter to keep the spirits high and to get a smile on everyone’s face. 

Why are Work Updates important?

In remote work, no one will come to your desks to ask for updates. Hence, for the whole company, it is absolutely critical to provide work updates. We will have to take strict actions if the following is not adhered to by everyone in the company: 

Team Managers

  • To create iterations for your respective teams using CH. 
  • To assign work with estimations of 14 days iteration

Team Members

  • To work on the assigned story/task and update them on a daily basis in CH and send a consolidated update on Slack as well at the end of the day
  • If this is not followed then it can lead to irritation and discontentment among the team members and the work will suffer. 

Why is written communication skill important

  • As we start working remotely, you will realize that written communication skills will be of supreme importance. 
  • We will no longer be able to express ourselves in person and hence expressing by written words will be the new norm. 
  • Take this as a challenge and try to learn how to write crisp and straightforward sentences in English.
  • This will come with experience, but please be cognizant of the fact that you need to learn this art. It will be very helpful for your future as well. 

Till what date are we going to Work from home? 

  • For the moment, WFH is applicable till the 31st March 2020. We will reassess the situation every week to provide more updates. 
  • Personal Travel back to home town is strictly prohibited and will lead to loss of pay for employees. Strongly advised that none of the team members travel outside Delhi given the COVID19 situation. 

A note for managers: 

One of our managers has compiled a brief of what the new age managers look like, based on the famous book: 1-minute manager https://docs.google.com/document/d/11APglLYqHZ_yfD0DKC8CmX75exiallW0p6l-phgxDrs

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