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avionics equipment maintenance

We designed a proof-of-concept for logging of access events of avionics equipment using Blockchain. It used Smart Contracts to to maintain records and aimed at reducing layover times, approval times and increasing stakeholder satisfaction in Aviation sector. Download this case study to learn how it was achieved using permissioned Blockchain.

Download our blockchain case study for Avionics Maintenance


Presently, a lack of transparency and over-dependence on a Single Source of Truth for accessing critical information has been plaguing the Aviation Industry. A 2017 survey by the MRO Network clearly stated that Air Carrier Delay (involving activities such as maintenance, fuelling, etc.) was the #3 reason causing airplane delays. These delays ultimately result in high cost and low-profit margins.

In order to improve layover times and thereby increase network efficiency, we explored the fresh avenues of building a solution that can replace the existing trust mechanism from SSoT to a single version of truth (SVoT) where all stakeholders can access critical flight information in real-time without depending on a single entity.

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