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Hire an award-winning team of Blockchain developers to develop Fintech app solutions using Stellar technology.Stellar is a payment technology that aims to connect financial institutions and make money more fluid and markets more open.
Some of the major advantages that Stellar present are as follows:

1. Very low transaction fee

2. Traceable and reversible transactions

3. Lightning-fast transactions

4. Ample market reach

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Fintech applications using Stellar Technology

Stellar platform is an open network that connects the financial institutions across the world and integrates them for quicker, reliable and low-cost transactions. The stellar protocol is supported by not-for-profit organisation called The Stellar Development. The main aim of stellar is to unlock the world’s economic potential by enabling a global synergy amongst diverse payment systems to make money move quickly, reliably, and at very minimal cost..

Fun Fact: The transaction fee in a Stellar smart contract is 0.00001 XLM and that there is no gas fee for transactions.

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Stellar Wallet Development

Stellar Blockchain API

With the help of horizon, an API server for the Stellar eco-system we can build incorruptible applications to integrate all your financial tools

Smart Contract Audit

Our team has in-depth and extensive experience as well as knowledge to present insightful audit reports and save you from any potential losses due to the presence of bugs


We provide strategic advice and help you navigate the Stellar ecosystem efficiently to fully unlock the potential of Stellar amplifying your business profits

Design Support

Our team of Stellar development experts provide able support to build a sound technical architecture that supports your business needs

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