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Why do you need an External Smart Contract Audit

Historically, a single bug in smart contracts has led to irrecoverable loss of funds or locking up of millions of dollars. Some of the recent examples are listed below:


Lendf.Me, a lending platform within DForce ecosystem was exploited resulting in locking up of ~$25M worth of ETH


The Parity wallet and Parity 2 Hack in ’17 resulted in cumulative loss of more than 6,50,000 ETH


Factom-based Decentralised network PegNet was subjected to 51% attack in April ’20.

All these hacks point out to one thing – the need for better security standards and regular security audits of projects.

Type Of Projects That Need Security Audits


Token Contracts/Crowdsales

Leverage our expertise in conducting robust smart contract audits across major protocols and programming languages like Solidity, JavaScript, C++ among others.


DeFi Projects

Smart Contracts in DeFi projects such as Compound, dYdX, Aave etc become fairly complex. Get an interim audit in addition to the Full Security Audit for additional safety.


Wallets and dApps

Don't lose sleep over the security of your smart contracts. Take advantage of our sophisticated experience in auditing even the most complex smart contracts.

Type of Audit Services


Interim Audit

A useful tool for DeFi projects to get thier complex modules reveiwed by an expert and ensure that they are moving in the right direction with optimised gas levels

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Basic Security Audit

Typically conducted within 48 to 72 hours, the basic audit is conducted by a single auditor and is sufficient for standard token contracts like ERC20, ERC721 etc.

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Full Security Audit

Our most comprehensive code review that leverages a mix of automated testing tools and manual review from 2 independent and experienced auditors before reaching consensus

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Round-the-clock Audit

For projects that have mulitple iterations and a defined roadmap, our auditors accompany you throughout the development lifecycle ensuring that new code is regularly reviewed

5 Essential Steps In Smart Contract Audit

5 essential steps in smart contract audit
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Requirements gathering

Understanding the intended behaviour of the smart contract through white papers or business requirement documents.

Automated Testing

Putting unit test cases to use and ensuring there are no syntactical or run-time errors in the smart contracts.

Manual review

Conducting a manual review of the smart contracts and identifying critical, major & minor bugs along with the recommendations.

Preparing Initial Audit report

A document is prepared to highlight & solve the critical, major and minor bugs and developers work on refactoring the code.

Final Audit report

The Initial Audit report is edited & the refactored code is used to prepare final audit report along with our approval.

What do you get?


48 hour Code Review


Check for 157+ vulnerabilities


Report on critical, major, minor bugs & recommendations


Unlimited Reaudits


Audit by 2 unbiased experts


Audit for major protocols - Ethereum, EOS, TRON, Hyperledger, IOST

Your Smart Contract Audit Report

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By the end of the security audit, you will receive a clean, nicely formatted report in PDF format that has been compiled after consensus from 2 independent auditors.

This report would contain: –

  1. An exhaustive list of issues categorized as Critical, Major & Minor
  2. Justifications for each issue pointed out by the auditors
  3. Recommendations on how to solve the issues wherever feasible

All our customers have an option to make the report public (recommended for most projects) or keep it private (relevant for interim audits).

Don't take just our word for it!


Some Of Our Customers

Learn All About Smart Contract Audits With Us!

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What is Smart Contract Audit?

Smart contract audit is the thorough scrutiny of the code that is used to underwrite the terms of Smart contract. It involves meticulously analysing the code to find and correct bugs, vulnerabilities and error in business logic.

Generally, smart contracts are audited by third parties to ensure that code is reviewed as carefully as possible and to enhance the security of the underlying Blockchain technology.

What is the duration of an audit?

The duration of an audit depends on the project size. A simple token contract (like ERC20 and others) can be audited in a span of a couple of days, whereas, a complex project such as of a decentralized exchange or a dApp may take anywhere between 15 days to a month.

What differentiates automated audit from a manual audit?

In a manual audit, the code undergoes various inspections and tests by our team of Code Auditors to check the correct implementation of its specifications. While it is a manual audit, there exists a possibility of human error, missing out on hard to find bugs. In an automatic audit, the code is treated with various smart contract code testing tools that mathematically prove the implementation of the contract’s specifications.

What to expect in a Smart Contract Security Audit Report?

Our smart contracts auditors check for 125+ vulnerabilities in smart contracts. After scrutinizing the code, bugs are categorized as critical, major or minor with a reason behind each categorization. The report also provides recommendations on how to resolve the bugs wherever feasible.

How much does a Smart Contract Audit Cost?

Charges are a function of the complexity and duration of the audit. It also depends on the quality of the business requirement and technical documentation provided by the contract owners. Since every project has its different requirements and is unique in nature, we recommend you get in touch with our team with your requirements and get a customized quote for your project.

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