Subsidy Distribution

Learn how blockchain is being used for Subsidy Distribution in Government. Tokenization, Fund Recall, Accurate Utilization. Transparency, Traceability & Standardization..

Emerging economies often run cash/subsidy programs that provide regular time-limited payments to poor households and are an important tool for reducing short term poverty across nations. A pre-requisite for running such programs is that the beneficiary should have a bank account. Cash transfers / subsidy distribution often raises the income of the poor household and have proven to be more effective than in-kind benefit transfers. Governments face major challenges in running such programs because of lack of banking infrastructure, lack of income data for ascertaining eligibility and lack of tools to track utilization of funds. There is also a risk of double-dipping where a household can receive this benefit twice due to incorrect data. Using our Subsidy Distribution platform, Governments can easily track both conditional as well as unconditional subsidies. Our extensive work with State governments in India and counties like Papua New Guinea and Indonesia has given us a unique lens with which we view the problems in such scenarios and apply the technology.

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