Year in Review – 2019

Somish warriors

Time for a year in review! As I reflect on what we’ve accomplished together in 2019, I’m in awe of the awesome customers that we worked with, the wonderful people that we added to our team, and the tight-knit services & products that we launched.  With a focus on diversification, 2019 has been the best […]

5 Reasons Why Blockchain Consulting is critical for driving Blockchain ROI

Blockchain Consulting

When one takes a really close look at blockchain, and comprehends how malleable it is, they ask themselves – Why hasn’t blockchain seen mass adoption yet?  Simple answer being: non-availability of comprehensive blockchain consulting In 2018, blockchain saw its highs and lows with the movement of crypto prices. And unfortunately, a common belief settled in the mindset, that “blockchain […]

A 3-step (non-technical) guide to Smart Contract Development

Smart Contract Developement

Looking to hire developers or outsource smart contract development for your blockchain idea? Here’s your 3-step guide on what to do prior to diving into smart contract development Smart Contracts developed using blockchain technology are outsmarting traditional contracts. Who thought contractual governance could be robotized one day. Well, it has happened already. But.. Do you fully […]

Seven Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions About Smart Contract Audit

Smart Contract Audit

Smart contracts allow for decentralized transactions and greater transparency. These contracts are a necessary part of cryptocurrency development. Unfortunately, it only takes a single bug to bring down the entire contract. A smart contract audit helps detect vulnerabilities, ensuring stable coin development. Before requesting an audit, you may want to learn more about the auditing […]

14 Things About Smart Contract Audit You May Not Have Known

Smart Contract

Whether you are starting an Ethereum development project or exploring decentralized exchange development, you need to audit your code before deploying it. Here are 14 things about Smart Contract Auditing that you may not know. 1. Smart Contract Audits Protect Your Organization Blockchain technology offers many advantages, including the use of smart contracts to simplify […]

Blockchain Investment: 3 Reasons Why It Should Be Prioritized

Blockchain Investment

For many, Blockchain technology is some kind of new disruptive idea taking the world by storm. While there are those who love the idea, there are many others who are still on the fence about it. With the media’s focus heightened on Blockchain over the last few years, it’s quite understandable why many people think […]

6 Things Your Boss Wishes You Knew About Blockchain in 2019


Blockchain is all the rage at the moment. Even if you’re not in the tech sphere, chances are you’ve been introduced to the concept and a few hazy pieces of information surrounding it. The immense amount of technology, knowledge, and innovation that are channeled into all things blockchain can make keeping up with the basics […]