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Somish prepares for the Pandemic

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We hope you all are keeping safe in these strange times.

The COVID-19 pandemic is running havoc all over and has severely affected the global economy. Many industries have come to a standstill with some having to completely halt their operations. 

At Somish, we have put in extensive policies and extra effort to ensure we are well prepared for the current circumstances. We are taking responsible precautions to protect our staff and deliver our tasks efficiently – and we want to assure you that, as far as possible, it is business as usual for our team.

We’re used to working digitally and remotely and have been trailing increased homeworking to ensure that our clients do not experience any changes to the great service that they are used to from us.  Apart from this, we have also put extra emphasis on making our team realise the severity of the situation and have a strict remote work model with carefully designed guidelines to ensure smooth communication and timely delivery.

Here is a little sneak-peak into how Team Somish is dealing with this situation:

1. Remote Work & Work from Home

In line with the guidelines with public health authorities and the government, we have adopted a remote work and work from home models. Proper guidelines have been put in place to ensure the productivity remains high, without stressing out our team members. The guidelines include ‘do’s and don’ts’ while working from home. A daily stand-up call is taken up in the morning to set the tone for the rest of the day. Constant updates with the team manager are also strictly followed through precise, concise and clear written and well as verbal communication. You can find more about our work from home policy here. 

2. Engagement 

In these times, inter-team communication has taken up a whole new meaning. We are pulling out all stops to ensure that proper communication within the team is set up through Zoom, Slack and/or calls. It is paramount not only for the smooth delivery of the projects but to also ensure that we all stay connected and upbeat in this period of isolation. The communication is majorly around work with a bit of friendly banter. While every other company is focusing on strengthening their speaking skills, we have mastered the art of speaking as well as listening skills.

Zoom Pic

3. Work delegation

All our work is delegated and monitored through ClubHouse. The whole team has been briefed about its importance going forward and everyone has risen up to the occasion, leveraging ClubHouse to ensure the work continues as usual. We are also aligning and re-aligning our working styles and roles to suit the changing times and making sure all the work gets done within the prescribed time.

4. Accountability 

At times, when companies are losing their hair over the availability factor, we have put our money on the accountability factor. We encourage our team to take up the ownership of their tasks and deliver those tasks efficiently. This approach has reaped rich rewards for us, so far and we continue to deliver the highest standards of service quality to our customers even during the lock-down.

5. Keeping the spirits high

While work and getting tasks done has been our topmost priority, we have not lost sight of the wellness of our employees. We realize that isolation is unprecedented and can take a toll on our mental health which will ultimately affect our work. The same has been effectively communicated to our team. Random banter, online gaming and virtual coffee meetings have ensured that our team stays together and slays together. The team spirits are beaming and everyone is rearing to take up the challenges that lie ahead of us.


It is an uncertain time for all of us. We are all in this together. If you need us, we have analysts, consultants, auditors and developers who can help you stay ahead despite these times of crisis. So, if you need any help during this tricky period, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at contact@somish.com

Above all, look after yourself and your loved ones.

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